Increase your company's reach!

Increase your company's reach!

Increase your company's reach on the Schär online portal.

To help you find restaurants, hotels and supermarkets with gluten free nourishment globally, our gluten free club offers a unique resource to you and your guests suffering from coeliac disease. You'll find lots of information in the  "purchasing", "eating" and "travel" areas on the portal. 

Take the opportunity to increase your company's reach and benefit from these advantages:

  • Contact your target audience suffering from coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity
  • Advertise via direct mailing, social networks and lots more
  • Make your "gluten free" restaurant menu and photos accessible to a wide audience online.


How to register in the Schär gluten free club for the catering sector:

1. Click on "Register" and enter your corporate data.
2. Click on "Add item" and insert all the information on your gluten free range as well as any photos you'd like to make available to your guests as an optimal self-presentation tool.
3. Once the Schär gluten free club team has checked your information, you'll be given access to your personal area where you can add more information, such as your gluten free menu, opening times and lots more.
You can also download the free Schär Gluten Free App!  For iOS & Android